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Grateful Dead Live at Memorial Stadium on 1994-06-13

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Grateful Dead Live at Memorial Stadium on 1994-06-13

Topics Live concert

Hell In A Bucket, Row Jimmy, Minglewood Blues, Tennessee Jed, Queen Jane Approximately, Bird Song, Promised Land Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain, Corinna-> Terrapin Station-> Drums-> Space-> I Need A Miracle-> Morning Dew, E: U.S. Blues

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Memorial Stadium
Location Seattle, WA

Source Audience: Schoeps CMC441's
Lineage Schoeps CMC441's (FOB) > DAT > Sony R300 > RME digi96/8pro > Soundforge 4.5a > CD Wave > mkwACT > SHNv3
Taped by
Transferred by Marc Pujol


Schoeps CMC441s FOB > DAT > PC > WAV > SHN; Seeded to etree by Marc Pujol


Reviewer: DJJazzZD - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 27, 2015
Subject: Yes JoeShoe is right.
Joe there is definitely a SBD somewhere out there. There is one on archive from the next night and back in the day I had the pre drums from second set. This Scarlet> Fire is bigger and better than the MSG from the same year. GRUNGE baby and its all Jerry ! If you recall the highly overrated douchebag Kurt Cobain had said " the only way I'd wear a tyedye is if its made with the blood of Jerry Garcia " well he shot himself earlier this year and in fact Seattle Memorial Stadium is where they had tribute event where the grunge kids rioted and trashed the place. Nice.
Anyway HUGE versions of Birdsong Promised Land Scarlet>Fire Terrapin and MORNING DEW!!! Both Scarlet> Fire and Dew experienced a renaissance of sorts in 1994 many great versions.including S>F from MSG as well as the Dew from Rosemont on 3/17/94. Quit holdin out on us folks upload this baby!!! A beautiful night I lost my tickets and almost didn't get in but a good Samaritan found my stuff including my wallet and flight ticket home to Oakland! We went out and feasted on fresh seafood and stayed out on the town till sunrise.
Reviewer: JoeShoe - - June 13, 2015
Subject: upgrade
This show needs a sound upgrade.
I know there were a bunch of folks taping this show and the place had good sound.
I've never seen a SBD of this show either unfortunately.
Reviewer: DeadReckoning - - March 27, 2014
Subject: Not just another picky Deadhead....
Right there with you pinyonjay.

Don't understand those folks who write a review trashing the show, the band, or Jerry. I reckon we would all be thrilled to see just one more show no matter the circumstances. Count your blessings. You were one of the lucky few to have been there. But hey.....we're all entitled to our opinion.

I was fortunate to have been at this show and I can honestly say I never saw a "bad" dead show. There were always moments of magic, moments that transcended, moments full of grace and beauty no matter the bumps in the road getting there. Moments in this show such as Birdsong, Scarlet/Fire, and an epic Dew full of passion and emotion.

Good times, good memories. I miss it.

Reviewer: pinyonjay - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 28, 2013
Subject: so what if its '94?
This show is a gem from the last years. Jerry is giving his all. Huge Scarlet > Fire. The Dew is monumental - I don't give a damn what year you choose as a point of comparison - I was there. Call me crazy . . . .
Reviewer: njpg - favorite - June 13, 2011
Subject: My 31st show
I don't know what these other reviewers are talking about. This show flat-out sucked, and the recording is too tinny to tolerate.

Getting close to the end here. I was living in Seattle to acquire residency in WA for college, and I was psyched the Dead were coming. They hadn't played there in a long time (for reasons I was told later had to do with some feud between the GD family and some other purveyors of illicit substances), and I snapped up tickets like a robin after the early morning earthworms. My girlfriend had never been to a Dead show, so I took'd think I'd have learned by then. I wasn't the kind of young man who could deal with a) a Dead show, b) a bossy girlfriend and c) a heavy acid trip all at the same time. She actually went with me to both Seattle and the Eugene shows as well, and least said the better. Anyway, we were on the floor when they started playing Hell, and then we went up into the bleachers.

It was the first time I had heard the new sort of acousticky guitar sound Garcia was using for that tour, and on the night after this I would start to REALLY like it: very sharp and glittery and clear. However, Row Jimmy sucked, with Garcia's playing so off that I wondered why he even bothered doing a solo. He picked up steam a lot in Minglewood. Tennessee Jed was a mixed bag, with Garcia rapping out some of the most amazingly clever licks--and painfully clumsy mistakes--I had ever heard in the song. By the time the jazz fusion jam in Bird Song was well underway, I realized this was not going to be a first set to blow anybody's mind: they made up for Garcia's extra thumbs by being extra chaotic. Promised Land surely rocked tightly, but Garcia was still not playing very well.

Scarlet/Fire finds him faring about the same as in Tennessee Jed: alternately brilliant and abysmal, and by now I was shaking my head in amazement. As early as the previous year, word had been circulating among the more discerning of listeners that Garcia was becoming the weak link in the band (Jerry?! Say it ain't so!), but I wasn't prepared for this. "Why doesn't he just go home?" I blurted out at one point. My girlfriend laughed, agreeing with me. I felt bad for her, and embarrassed, this being her first show and all. But then Corrina happened, and she started dancing. She was beautiful, very curvy and had a very flowing wiggle, and she LIKED that song, so I liked it too. The suite from Corrina through Dew showed amply that the band was pretty on apart from the lead guitar, but Garcia's enormous drag factor kept the energy from going very high, apart from a very psychedelic Drums and Space. All this and another Uncle Sam encore. "I guess it doesn't matter anyway..." "It matters to ME," I muttered. I hadn't heard a show I hated this much since 6/21/89. Seriously, Tacoma '88 was great show compared to this.

It was bitterly cold after the show, & we froze our asses off looking for the car. I could only bet that the next night would be better. Fortunately, I didn't know how right I was, as 6/14/94 would turn out to be one of my favorite shows ever. Go figure.
Reviewer: AndySorrell - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 22, 2010
Subject: my first show
Any soundboards around of this show? I see there is one for 6.14.94 the night after.
Reviewer: World2Give - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 4, 2010
Subject: Reminiscing The GD in Seattle, 1994
Usually when when writing a review here, I am only reviewing the band's performance For this one though I made an exception because just getting there was a trip in itself. I remember it as if it were yesterday....

The story begins early on a Sunday morning just outside Denver. My friend and I had just attended the Phish Shows held at Red Rocks that weekend which left us with only one full day of driving & determination to make it the almost 1500 miles to Seattle for a 6PM Monday showtime. We knew we'd be cutting it close because of our mode of transportation, a 1969 VW bus having a top speed of 50 MPH (on low altitude flats).... We also knew we had taken a gamble by detouring to see Phish since we already had tickets for Seattle and vehicle problems were a distinct possibility. Luck, however, was certainly on our side that day because the trip was uneventful and the bus would need no mechanical adjustments...
When we finally crested Snoqualmie, the time was pushing 5 o'clock and I was starting to get a bit stressed since by that point I knew that one way or another we would be seeing Jerry, but would we get there before the show started? I hated nothing more than missing any music at all and to me, missing the opener was a sin...

We rolled up to Seattle Center at 6 sharp and found, of course, that available parking was not abundant however we had good parking karma and very quickly found a lot which was sporting a young adult female attendant. As we pulled in to park I jokingly asked her if she would take my personal check and she said "SURE" so I said to her "but it's from West Virginia" and she simply asked "is it good" and I told her it was (it really was)... Since I had talked myself into paying by check I quickly wrote out and signed what would be my one and only check for concert parking (she didn't even ask for ID or any additional info)....

I was a dedicated taper but I knew there was no time or space to set up my rig so I grabbed my D5 and a couple cables and made a break for the stadium gates... As I waited in line to get into the venue, the crowd inside began to roar telling everyone that the boys had taken the stage. Now I was really sweating the fact that I was going to have to pester other tapers in asking for a last second patch- something that had always really annoyed me (but those cases were usually due to ignorant people waiting 'til showtime before coming in)... So once I was finally in, I eyed up the taping section and dashed down the stairs in hopes that in the process of making a nuisance of myself, I could score a line out before they started playing; a quest that ultimately failed since the instant I stepped onto Leon H Brigham field, the band launched into Bucket. I then made a beeline to the mic forest with the arduous task of pleading my case to a random taper most of whom were so involved in making minor adjustments to their equipment that they didn't even notice me standing there. To make matters worse, in begging for a patch, I would be forced to talk over the music which is another thing that has always bugged me (and in the tapers section nonetheless... Fortunately after only a couple rejections someone was sympathetic to my plight and hooked me up with a patch for which I was very grateful. To make matters better for me he then told me that due to the space constraints, once I set my initial levels, I would have to let him "run the deck"... sure, I said to him (as I thought- hell yea bro you can babysit my deck for me." What more could I have asked for (except for maybe to have been there on time)...
I then headed straight to the spinning section and enjoyed the rest of the set with the "getdown crew".....

Back in those days there was no or anything similar so if you didn't tape the show yourself who knew when you would be able to revisit the show and since the music was the sole reason I went to shows, I liked having a tape of every show I attended- granted some of the later ones weren't all the hottest but still you never knew what to expect and afterall it was The Grateful Dead...

When I finally ran into my buddy at the set break he told me he didn't make it in until Minglewood... Screw that!!! I don't understand how people can do that... Is the lot that more important to them than the music??? I think about all the shut out people I ran past on my way in who would have run in with me had they been handed off a ticket...

This tape, from a very cozy stadium situated right in the shadow of the Space Needle got heated up in my deck quite often.... This place was definitely one of my favorite venues of the 90's and I had such a good time here, I went back for the three night stand the following spring...
As for this concert- I thought It was quite solid.... To me, the Scarlet>fire is without question the highlight but save for a few mess ups here and there, this show is well worth a listening. (for 1994 GD, I give it 4 stars)
Reviewer: IowaNic - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 10, 2009
Subject: aaah...
I wrote a fairly scathing review of a show form 1991 I heard the other day. It was terrible. And the couple of other 90s shows I've heard have been pretty lousy, too.

This one, though, is very nice. I definitely like this lineup beter than the 1991 one--more room for Jerry, less cluttered and bloated.

This was the last show I saw--it had been years since I'd seen one but it was a few blocks from my home at the time, so I couldn't pass it up. I actually saw the next day's show, too, which was god-awful. So I'm going to call this the last one.

Everything about this--setlist, performance--feels very old-school Dead. Lovely. It was really cold that night, btw.
Reviewer: crayZfingers - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 10, 2009
Subject: I got shut out of this show
Not that I made it a habit of going to shows without a ticket. This particular summer I started the West Coast dates at Cal Expo, then on to Seattle, then Eugene to Las Vegas. I could not find a ticket for this show to save my life. To make things worse the Seattle PD were absolutely unkind.

I did find a place outside the stadium where the music was coming through loud and clear. There were hundreds of hippies dancing there and I joined in.

The next night I got a ticket, but I didnt feel that show compared to the one on 6-13-94. That Scarlet/Fire I still remember it.

The Sound of this recording is really good.
Reviewer: AndyAutomatics - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 4, 2008
Subject: 6.13.1994
This was my first dead show, I was 17 at the time, me and my friends traveled from Montana to see these shows and the Eugene shows that fell the week after these two gems. I remember taking way too much acid(5hits of pink sunshine). That moment forever changed my life. I used to have this show on tape years ago, and im so happy to find it again. To be honest I only remember parts of this show, I was too fucked up. But wow what a show. I now live in seattle for 12 years, and I forget about those days with the dead. Man I miss those times. Thanks for posting this, not fade away.
Reviewer: dead72 - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 14, 2008
Subject: Surprisingly Good
I've always discounted everything after 1991, but there are always a few gems from every year, and this is one for '94. Sounds like it was a funky place for an outdoor show, and it sounds like the band is enjoying it.
Reviewer: Thad - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 14, 2007
Subject: Damn cold
"From the Northwest corner of a brand new crescent moon . . ."

Stood in the rain in a sweatshirt before the show. By the time it got dark and the breeze kicked up, I was a shivering mess.

Fortunately the Dead warmed us ALL up with a very satisfying show. No jumbo video screens, fancy light shows, or opening acts . . . just the guys rocking that funny old downtown stadium used for high school soccer and football games.

I've seen and heard better shows, but this one always holds a special place with me.

They tried hard.
Reviewer: AlaskanSalmonHead - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 2, 2005
Subject: Space under the Needle !
This show gets my vote for most under-appreciated of 1994 (possibly the 90's). After traveling from interior Alaska with friends for these shows I was not disappointed. Simply stated the Bird Song (which truely took flight), Scarlet > Fire, and Morning Dew are as good as they get! With the Bird Song reaching epic proportions! The Dew literally played Jerry's soul out to all of us lucky fans that day! Check this show out...
Reviewer: feellikeastranger - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 9, 2005
Subject: first outdoor show in seattle in alooong time
the first set is good. i remember cuttler playing around with the sound the first couple of songs, but by bird song it was sounding good and loud. i know a lot of argument goes to the " best" scarlet>fire, and this one comes very close. personaly i think it's one of the best ones i saw live. scarlet alone is long and jamed out but the fire just keeps going and going and going then i looked at the watch and saw it was 1/2 hour since they started sarlet. corina is also nice and jammed out. treeapin is terrapin, but the dew to close the show was incredible. the bombs phil dropped throughout the dew, and the rest of the show for that matter are still being felt rumbeling through space and bounceing off of strange mountaintops on strange unknown planets. 2 days before i went to this show, i saw pink floyd at yankee stadium in NY. from here i went to eugene and vegas then did 1/2 the summer tour waht a long strange trip it still is. great show, good sound, KILLER bird song, scarlet fire, morning dew. 5 *'s for bird song through us blues, 4 *'s for the sound
Reviewer: Rasta39 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 3, 2004
Subject: 6/13/94
I think every Deadhead out there goes to a show that changes them spiritually forever. This was that show for me. I had seen the Dead before but this show was awesome. From Queen Jane thru Terrapin it just rips.

Thanks For The Download..........Peace
Reviewer: mid-maine - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 30, 2004
Subject: transition
phat scarlet->fire. not quite the seattle blow out of '95, but was impressive at the time. download, then dance with at least full arms length from your nearest pal to get the vibe.
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